USPS brings together leaders from various fields:
Public service
Civic sector
Legal community
Creative professions
In the dichotomy of values between security and freedom, in which we live now, the School is always gravitating to the latter. USPS never allows itself to call things differently than they are, to replace their names and has courage to say that security is possible only where it is impossible to restrict freedom of an individual, human actions, thinking, religions and so on. I am grateful for sharing such ideas and thoughts with the Community. Solidarity is what the School gives us and what saves us.
Oleh Petrenko
2006 Alumnus. First Chairman of the National Health Service of Ukraine (2018-2019)
USPS was my first programme in which successful representatives from various sectors communicated on an equal footing, built networks, connected and strengthened their capabilities through partnerships. It's great that 13 years after completing the program, I still feel a kinship with my classmates. The School has already become a significant reputation brand, influence and content of which can hardly be overestimated.
#Civic sector
Olha Ayvazovska
2009 Alumna. Board Chair and Coordinator of political programmes in the Civic Network OPORA
A great thing can be seen from afar. And since I was lucky enough to get into the very first year of the School, I have had an opportunity to recommend it to those who wanted to achieve something in life. It is not an issue of knowledge only. The answer is in a very high-quality atmosphere among those selected for training, in the courage of discussions and frank points of view, in the directness and clarity of trainers.
Oleksandr Bohutsky
2006 Alumnus. CEO StarLightMedia
I'm happy to be a part of USPS. This is a powerful community, where you can always freely and fruitfully discuss important topics, find like-minded people for civic activities, and most importantly – share your professional and life path with people who are close to you spiritually.
#Creative professions
Yaroslava Hres
2019 Alumna. Co-founder of Gres Todorchuk PR
Now networks and projects at the intersection of different areas are replacing hierarchies, isolated organisations and sectoral divisions of areas of activity. Such approaches allow us to better respond to challenges associated with uncertainty, changefulness and complexity of the world around us. From this point of view, USPS is a unique environment for interaction between people who have achieved specific success in various fields but they may never have met outside of USPS.
#Legal community
Andriy Vyshnevsky
2017 Alumnus. Deputy Head of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP)
For me, USPS is not only about values but also a combination of leaders and an ability to interact with them. The School teaches you to be not "I" but "We". Cooperation with a large number of leaders who have already reached the capital letter "I" in their fields, during the training period and after, gives awareness of the value of "We".
Svitlana Panaiotidi
2018 Alumna. Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine (2019-2021)
USPS is an environment in which views, opinions and discussions live (they really live, not just exist). But people are its main value, of course: both lecturers and "students", each of whom offer another angle of view and a different depth of problems in modern Ukraine. In time of information overdose, when we are forced to live by the superficial consumption of more and more information, these few deep sessions are truly priceless.
Danylo Mokryk
2021 Alumnus. Investigative journalist in Bihus.Info project, creator of YouTube blog "MokRec"
Success of people who see themselves in civil service, in the civic sector or in business depends both on professional knowledge and ability to choose a community of people you trust. USPS for me, first of all, is about belief in people, common values and caring for social processes. After all, the School unites persons who have a common world-view and value paradigm, carry energy of leadership and create changes each in their own field.
Yulia Kovaliv
2019 Alumna. Ukraine's Ambassador to Canada
USPS – it is when people, who are afraid to tell themselves but are well aware that the whole country depends on them, gather to be in active state – the state of search, self-improvement and "sharpening of axes". For school alumni, Ukraine is the place where they will live. And they want to influence on well-being of their country.
#Civic sector
Pavlo Kovtonyuk
2021 Alumnus. Co-founder of Ukrainian Health Centre (UHC)
USPS is a place of my personal development. It is not every day that I have an opportunity to hear opinions of professional people on various topics and fields of activity. Thanks to the School, I have rethought certain social, economic, political and other state processes. And this is so important when you work for Ukraine.
#Public service
Olha Korinyak
2021 Alumnus. Deputy Department Head of the Office of the Prosecutor General
USPS Community

The School forms a network of leaders from all over the country, united by a common mission of development of sustainable and democratic state of Ukraine.

The Community members have a chance to attend private events only for Alumni – annual meetings of graduates, USPS clubs and additional training programmes. School maintains communication within the Community and creates opportunities for USPS alumni to meet, talk and collaborate even after completing the trainings. To date, USPS has united in the Community

of the programme
USPS is, first of all, trust in us as an institution and in people, who are forming the School Community.

Therefore, we are building the School by carefully selecting both those, who want to join the Community and those, who would like to support USPS. Over the years, we have developed an understanding of these values and principles, which we firmly adhere to. We are responsible for everything we do, for all our mistakes, and we consider requests and comments of the Community.

School Club
USPS Club is an intelligent platform for holding private meetings with outstanding personalities and discussing
current socio-political processes.
This format of meetings for the Community was launched in 2006. Terry Davis, Secretary General of the Council of Europe at the time, was the first guest of USPS Club.

Since then, the School has organised more than 50 meetings of the Club for alumni with domestic and international experts, foreign ambassadors and Ukrainian politicians. Meetings of USPS Club can only be attended by members of the School Community. During all the Club events, the Chatham House Rule is in force – Principle of anonymity of discussions – in order to build a circle of trust between participants and speakers, without whose consent quotes and details of discussions do not become public.