The Ukrainian School of Political Studies is an educational project centered around a community of like-minded people united by common values and a mission to develop a democratic Ukraine.
USPS curriculum consists of three different training sessions that take place during a year in Ukraine. Usually, USPS Sessions were conducted in Kyiv, Odesa and Lviv.
Each training session lasts 4-5 days
  • Based on results of special selection, participants of a USPS programme have an opportunity to participate in the World Forum for Democracy, which is held annually at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.
  • Trainings take place in the format of lectures, discussions, round tables, workshops, discourse around some texts, etc. During all School events we have Chatham House Rule – a principle of anonymity of discussions: so that participants and speakers can speak to each other as sincerely as possible. Quotes and their authorship do not become public.
  • USPS provides participants both with knowledge and skills, necessary to participate in decision-making process at all levels of government, to solve public problems and to manage effectively.
How to apply?
Selection takes place once a year and lasts up to 2 months.
Acceptance of applications for the 17th USPS programme is completed.
  • To participate in the selection process for an annual USPS programme, you should fill out a questionnaire.
  • According to results of the competition, a group will enroll 35-40 people, taking into account professional, regional, and gender quotas.
Speakers of the XV-XVI School programme
Alim Aliyev
Deputy general director of Ukrainian Institute
Journalist, co-founder of Krym_SOS
Andriy Andrushkiv
Executive director of Joint Action Centre
USPS 2016 Alumnus
Yehor Aushev
Cyber Unit Technologies
USPS 2016 Alumnus
Andriy Bohachov
Professor of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Philosopher, translator
Kateryna Bulavinova
Medical expert of the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine
Infectious disease specialist
Mykhailo Vynnytsky
Former Head of Secretariat
Lecturer at Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS), lecturer at Sociology Department in NaUKMA
Andriy Vyshnevsky
Deputy Head of the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption
Lawyer, founder of the National system of Free Legal Aid, USPS 2017 Alumnus
Ivan Gomza
Lecturer and Head of Department of Public Administration in KSE
Candidate of Political Sciences
Dmytro Hudyma
Judge of the Grand Chamber
in the Supreme Court
USPS 2012 Alumnus
Anton Drobovych
Head of Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance
Expert in communication, education and culture
Volodymyr Yermolenko
Analytics Director
at Internews Ukraine
Philosopher, writer, president of PEN Ukraine, senior lecturer at NaUKMA
Vyacheslav Zhyla
Artistic Director
in Youth Theatre
USPS 2019 Alumnus
Vakhtang Kebuladze
Professor of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Philosopher, essayist, translator
Ivanna Klympush-Tsytsnadze
of parliament
Chair of the Parliament Committee on Ukraine's integration into the European Union
Mykhailo Koltsov
at the World Bank
Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, head of U-Control Training Department
Olena Kondratyuk
Deputy Speaker
of the Parliament of Ukraine
Candidate of Historical Sciences, co-founder of Ukrainian Women's Congress
Anton Korynevych
Ambassador-at-large in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
Specialist in international humanitarian, criminal and energy law
Ella Libanova
Academician of the NAS
of Ukraine
Scientist in the field of socioeconomics, demography and labor economics
Oleksiy Molchanovsky
Deputy Dean for Innovation in the Faculty of Applied Sciences of UCU
USPS 2018 Alumnus
Sevhil Musayeva
Editor-in-chief of online media Ukrainska Pravda
Ukrainian journalist
Tetyana Oharkova
Senior lecturer at the Department of Literature Studies at NaUKMA
Literary scholar
Oleh Petrenko
First Chairman of the National Health Service of Ukraine (2018-2019)
USPS 2006 Alumnus
Viktor Pynzenyk
in Economics
State representative in the Supervisory Board of PJSC "Main Gas Pipelines of Ukraine"
Anatoliy Romanyuk
in Political Science
Political Science Professor in Ivan Franko LNU
Artem Sytnyk
Deputy Head of the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption
First Head of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine
Yevheniy Stasinevych
Literary critic,
literary scholar
Member of Shevchenko Committee
Oleh Ustenko
Adviser to the President
of Ukraine on economic issues
Ukrainian economist
Vitaliy Shabunin
Board Chairman of "Anti-Corruption Action Centre" NGO
Civic activist in the field of corruption fight, USPS 2019 Alumnus
Pavlo Sheremeta
Minister of economic development and trade (2014), co-founder of Schumpeter School of Innovation
Oleksandr Scheluschenko
Founder of TSEKH contemporary art galleries in Kyiv and Vilnius
Art dealer, USPS 2010 Alumnus
Who can participate in USPS programmes?

We are looking for people who:

  • have significant professional achievements in politics, journalism, public service, military service, law and in civic, scientific, creative and entrepreneurial activities;
  • take an active civic position and are able to apply acquired knowledge in their daily activities;
  • are citizens of Ukraine under the age of 45 who have the appropriate educational level for the chosen field;
  • knowledge of foreign languages is an additional advantage during the selection.

However, we encourage all those who share School’s values to apply for the USPS programme. USPS community unites people from different cultural and professional backgrounds who have a mission to develop the democratic state of Ukraine.

What are conditions for participating in the programme?
  1. Selected participants should be able to participate in all three training sessions of the School.
  2. From the beginning of their studies, participants of the programme have an opportunity to attend other events of the School (in particular, within the Alumni Club).
  3. Participation costs (accommodation, meals, training, handouts, etc., except for travel within the territory of Ukraine) are covered by the School and its partners.
  4. USPS, at its sole discretion, sets a registration fee for participation in the Annual programme, which is directed to development of its institutional activities. There is also a possibility of getting a scholarship to study in the School. It is provided by USPS alumni if there are proper justification and motivation.

Since 2019, USPS is providing Kateryna Handziuk Annual scholarship for civic position. USPS choses a scholarship holder together with the family of Kateryna Handziuk, public activists and experts.

How are participants selected?

Selection for the USPS programme takes place in two rounds.

  1. Filling out an application for the Annual programme of the Ukrainian School of Political Studies
    To apply for participation in the programme, you should fill out an application form before a deadline. Dates may vary each year. Applying for USPS consists of two parts: an application form and a virtual interview. Applications, submitted after a specified deadline, will not be accepted for consideration. Information you provide in the application is confidential and is not subject to dissemination.
    Within three business days after filling out the application form, you will get a confirmation that we received it. If you don’t get a confirmation after submitting the application form, please inform us by email or on USPS Facebook page.
  2. Processing of applications and reporting about results of the 1st round
    After acceptance of applications for USPS is completed, our Selection committee begins reviewing them. The School’s Selection committee consists of competent representatives of main target groups of USPS. The Committee’s decision is a collective one. USPS reserves the right not to provide explanations regarding decisions taken by members of the Committee. Before a certain deadline, the Committee selects candidates who meet criteria for participants of USPS. After that, all applicants will be notified about results of the first round of selection.
  3. The 2nd round of selection, formation of a USPS group
    To clarify more details, candidates may be assigned an interview. USPS experts conduct the interview by phone. Candidates, who are assigned an interview, have the same chance of admission like candidates who are not assigned an interview. After interviews, the Selection committee forms a final list of participants who will take part in the programme of the Ukrainian School of Political Studies in that year.
What quotas are taken into account in the selection process?

In order to diversify composition of groups and allow more people to get into the programme, we adhere to a regional and gender balance – a group should equally have men and women. At least 50% of the programme participants should be from different regions of Ukraine. Not more than half of the group can be from Kyiv and Kyiv region.

Professional quotas are taken into account during the selection process. USPS programme includes representatives of various industries – leaders from political sphere, public administration, military service, business environment, media, civic sector, academia, legal community and creative professions.

Which topics does the training cover?

USPS has a different programme every year and new experts are invited to train. The main programme of sessions always includes:

  • foundations of democracy, human rights, political processes and public administration,
  • discussion of issues related to local self-government, regional politics,
  • analysis of public policy in Ukraine and abroad,
  • overview of relevant matters of political theory, economics, philosophy and law,
  • meetings with government representatives.

Selection calendar 2023

The selection schedule is to be confirmed.
Until March 19
Applications are accepted
March 20 – 28
Processing of applications, results of the 1st round
March 29 – April 11
The 2nd round, conducting interviews if needed
Until April 15
Announcement of results, formation of a USPS group

Programme schedule for 2023

USPS curriculum consists of three different training sessions that take place during a year in Ukraine. The programme schedule is to be confirmed.
Date Activities
April 27 – 30 First Session
June 14 – 18 Second Session
September 28 – October 1 Third Session
November Annual Community meeting

World Forum for Democracy

Every year, participants of the USPS programme have an opportunity to attend the World Forum for Democracy, which takes place in Strasbourg (France) in late autumn.
Additional programme (based on results of a separate competition):
November The World Forum for Democracy Strasbourg (France)