Pick Out A Specialied Law Firm For Individual Injury Cases

Pick Out A Specialied Law Firm For Individual Injury Cases

There are several types of personal injury cases, each one complicated and time-sensitive. Deadlines must be met, investigations must be thorough, and any settlements with insurance companies must be negotiated. Whether the case involves an individual or is a class action suit, it demands undivided attention from experienced legal professionals. A firm that includes multiple areas of practice may not be as effective as one that takes only personal injury cases.

Courtroom Experience

An car and car attorney who also accepts business clients will not have extensive courtroom experience. Since most personal injury cases are settled out of court, many lawyers rarely have the opportunity to present one to a judge, jury, or hearing committee. A Personal Injury Lawyer who handles cases all day every day will have courtroom experience. That makes a significant difference in the end result of the case.

ICBC Claims

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is a for-profit public insurance company that provides mandatory vehicle coverage for the whole province. The purpose of this secondary insurance is to cover medical bills and lost wages in a low cost Autoplan package. This basic coverage protects drivers against third party liability, hit-and-run accidents, and under-insured motorists.

In order for claims to be processed, there are three deadlines that apply. The first is notifying ICBC that an accident happened within thirty-six attorney hours of the occurrence. That entails minimal information such as the time and place of the accident and the name of person doing the notifying. No other information should be provided at that time.

Lawyers Handle the Other Deadlines

A written statement regarding the accident must be submitted within thirty days of the accident. The ICBC ill offer to write this statement on your behalf. Respectfully decline and allow the lawyer to write and submit the statement. The Corporation is a public company, but also one that makes a profit. The goal is to settle the case at the lowest possible cost. Keep that in mind.

A proof-of-claim form is required within ninety days of the accident. Firms that specialize in personal injury have copies of the form and will ensure one is filled out and submitted on time. In the meantime, companies or individuals that are the alleged cause of the neglect are pursued as well. ICBC only kicks in after any other benefits have been exhausted.

Focus on Recovery

Some injuries result in difficult and long-term recovery processes. The focus of those injured must be on recovery to actively participate in healing from or adjusting to the injury. Victims of neglect can visit Acheson Law to start proceedings.