Causes To See A Physical Healthcare Professional

Causes To See A Physical Healthcare Professional

Physical therapy, also known as rehabilitation therapy, is a field of medicine that focuses on helping patients who are suffering from chronic conditions, acute injuries, and illnesses to improve their ability to move around and function in daily life. Depending on the level of injury or the seriousness of the condition, many patients find that a Denver physical therapist can help them return to their prior level of functioning, while those with severe conditions find that they are better able to manage pain and mobility issues with the help of these professionals. Read on to find out about a few reasons that those recuperating from surgery, illness, or injury may want to look into therapy denver co today.

Reduce Pain

Physical therapists have access to a wide variety of technologies and a wealth of information that can help their patients manage, reduce, or even eliminate their pain. These treatments may include manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercises. By coming up with a comprehensive pain management plan, patients are able to reduce their reliance on dangerous pharmaceutical painkillers while simultaneously improving their ability to function.

Avoid Surgery

Often those who are suffering from acute injuries find that physical therapy helps them avoid the need for surgery. Even if this is not the case, patients are able to go into their surgeries in better shape and to recover from them more quickly, reducing healthcare costs and ensuring better overall results.

Improve Mobility

Whether mobility issues are stemming from chronic conditions such as arthritis or are the result of acute injuries, physical therapists can teach patients stretching and strengthening exercises that can help to address them. They can also help their patients by fitting them with assisted mobility devices such as canes, crutches, and orthotic devices that can help those with mobility issues to get around safely.

Improve Balance and Avoid Falls

One of the first steps that physical therapists take with new patients is to evaluate their fall risks. If they are determined to be at high risk, these professionals will offer help improving balance and coordination, which can help to prevent unnecessary falls and further injuries. In the event that balance problems are caused by underlying issues within a patient's vestibular system, physical therapists can also help to restore proper vestibular functioning to reduce symptoms of dizziness and vertigo.

Manage Complex Health Issues

Patients suffering from diabetes, vascular conditions, age-related issues, and heart and lung disease may also benefit from seeing a physical therapist denver doctors recommend for these purposes. Many complex health conditions can be ameliorated through the use of targeted exercises, stretches, and therapies.